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5 Inexpensive Bathroom Makeovers that Help Add Value to Your Home

When you decide to sell your house, you start taking a closer look at its appearance and think about improvements you can make to make it more attractive to buyers. The appearance of your bathroom will be of concern because everyone wants a neat and tidy bathroom. A full bathroom renovation isn’t the solution, because the expense would be greater than the value the renovation adds to your home. If your bathroom looks worn or outdated, consider these 5 inexpensive bathroom makeovers instead of a major renovation.

Tile Cleaning and Grouting

Over time, soap scum covers the tiles in the bathroom, giving them a dull, worn appearance. Steam and hot water have a way of eroding grout and mould tends to grow in the grout. Tile and grout cleaning specialists can make your bathroom tiles sparkle like new again. If the grout is in good condition, they may just clean it or add a skim coat to the surface. If the grout needs repairing, they can remove the old grout and apply new grout. Tile cleaning and grouting is far cheaper than replacing tiles and can make a dramatic difference to your bathroom’s appearance.


Tile Resurfacing

If your bathroom wall tiles are outdated or make the bathroom look small, you might want to take the extra step of hiring a tile resurfacing expert. Theoretically, you can take a DIY approach and paint your tiles using special paints, but your results probably won’t impress potential buyers. Tile resurfacing experts know how to prepare the tiles and apply resurfacing agents to achieve professional results.

Bath and Basin Resurfacing

Nothing says “old” more than chipped, scratched and dull bath tubs and basins. between the cost of a new tub and basin and the cost of hiring a plumber to install them, though, any value replacements add to your home will be lost in the costs of replacement. Bath and basin resurfacing experts can make them look like new again at a fraction of the cost.

Replace Your Shower Screen

A shower screen takes up a great deal of visual space in the bathroom. It can either flatter your bathroom’s appearance or detract from it. If yours is cracked or dated, think about replacing your shower screen. You don’t want to go overboard in price, but you do want to choice a modern shower screen that lifts the appearance of your bathroom. Read How Much Does a New Shower Screen Cost? for the cost breakdown of shower screens and some ideas.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories include things like soap dishes, towel racks, mirrors, shower curtains and other little things that make the bathroom more functional and attractive. Have a look around your bathroom. If any of these “little things” need replacing, buy new ones to lift the appearance of your bathroom. Most accessories are inexpensive and you can easily replace them yourself.

When choosing your bathroom makeovers, keep their costs and the buying market foremost in mind. You don’t want to overspend on the “latest and greatest” gadgets and your tastes will be different from others. Stick with neutral colours and make inexpensive changes that will freshen up the appearance of your bathroom. Home buyers look for homes that look well-maintained and make them feel like they will be comfortable living in. When they look at your bathroom, they may have their own renovation ideas, but if it looks cheerful and functional, it will add value to your home and put it higher on their list of properties they want to buy.

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