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5 Unique Bathroom Ideas

Are you planning on renovating your bathroom and looking to create a space that’s a little distinct from your everyday bathroom? We take a look at 5 different ideas that will definitely bring the unique factor to your bathroom without compromising on any of your other bathroom must haves.

1. Bath Positioning

Fallen in love with a gorgeous freestanding bath and wanting to make it the real hero of your new renovation? Then think about different ways you may be able to position or mount it? Does your bathroom allow space to perhaps incorporate a raised platform? If budget is not a consideration then you could even look at ways to engineer it into position, like in the below image.


2. Decorative Floor Lamps

Who says that bathroom lighting needs to be fixed and a traditional ceiling or wall mount? A wonderful and unique way to create instant ambiance within your newly renovated bathroom is with the inclusion of a floor lamp. Be mindful of where the power point will be located as ideally, you do’t want an ugly cord hanging down from above the bathroom vanity, nor do you want it to be a trip hazard. Furthermore, carefully consider the material and finish of the floor lamp as given the bathroom is a wet area – you don’t want something that doesn’t suit this environment.


3. Feature Uplighting

We’ve spoken about the inclusion of a gorgeous floor lamp but, why not go that one set further and look at installing some floor uplights to really emphasizes the main focus of your bathroom. This application looks incredibly effective when highlighting a bath and can add real value to your space.


4. Fireplace Feature

We are a huge fan of this. Let us set the scene. You’ve had a particularity hard day at work. You’ve bolted from the office to your car and in the process, you’ve got soaking wet from the miserable winter weather. You get home, still saturated so head straight to the bathroom. You run a bath and with the flick of a switch – instant warmth and relaxing ambiance. Yes, a fireplace in your very own bathroom. Would there be anything better? We don’t think so.


5. Furniture Recycled

If budget is a consideration, why not bring a touch of uniqueness to your new bathroom via a recycled piece of furniture for your bathroom vanity. With a little bit of creativity and skill, an old table, desk, or even an old cabinet can be transformed into a bathroom vanity and can be an amazing, and unique, addition to your own perfect


The key to a fabulously unique bathroom is, less is best. Focus on that one statement piece that sets it apart from a traditional bathroom, don’t over complicate any other elements, and you’ll end up with your own perfect, unique space.

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