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Finishing Touches to a Bathroom

Shower_362x272To make your bathroom feel more spacious, a clear shower screen is a winner. It’s also worthΒ considering a frameless shower screen or if you prefer the hotel-style wet room look no screen at all.

The latest freestanding bath tubs blend old-world charm with high-tech materials. Once rare or over-priced, the latest ranges at Masters Home Improvement are really affordable.

A streamlined wall-hung toilet suite can be positioned below the vanity, maximising valuable floor space. Since it’s built out from the wall, there’s no need to modify the existing wall structure. The only visible features are the designer buttons and pan.

In a compact ensuite, a wall-mounted basin instead of a vanity is a real space saver. And a mirror-fronted cabinet above the basin is ideal to store toiletries.

Bathroom_362x272Look for a vanity with contemporary storage systems. It may come with wire racks mounted inside the doors, rubbish bins, towel racks, and tilt-out drawers all designed to help you access toiletries and appliances quickly.

To speed up your morning routine, a heated and illuminated mirror resist fogging up, so there’s no waiting time when doing make-up or shaving.

The classic shower drain has come a long way. Once a simple hole in the middle of the shower area, the latest stainless-steel floor grates are extremely effective at draining away the water flow. Positioned in the centre of the shower recess or down one end, these grates generally run the full width of the shower stall. A plumber and tiler are required for installation and the floor has to be sloped towards the grate. Available in various widths, a contemporary shower grate adds an architectural edge at a reasonable price.

In a small bathroom, a normal hinged door can be a real space invader. During the renovation, consider a sliding door that’s hidden in an in-wall cavity, creating a clean, designer look.

To prevent mould build-up, ventilation is key. To ensure adequate ventilation, make sure windows can cross-ventilate and install an exhaust fan. The exhaust fan needs to vent the moist air to the outside of the home; otherwise it could cause problems in the roof space.

While cosmetics and skin-care products can be kept in drawers, there are larger items that can’t quite fit. To store away hairdryers and hairsprays, it’s worth selecting a vanity that has a deep drawer or shelf.

After selecting all the bathware items, it’s worth confirming that all fittings and fixtures will be available when the renovation begins.

When selecting paint, make sure it’s able to handle the moisture levels. Semi-gloss or gloss paints with a mould inhibitor are a good choice.

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