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Creating a Functional Bathroom Space

Ask not what you can do for your bathroom but what your bathroom can do for you! We spend a lot of time in our bathroom and do a million things in there. It’s important to consider what you want to do in your bathroom and the space you have.Small-Bathroom-Design

Bathrooms are great when they feel inviting and spacious. The space you have can be used to highlight an area or can be disguised to hide a flaw. Windows are great in big areas to let in more light and give a scenic backdrop to your bathroom. don’t need to seem small, see small bathrooms to give the appearance of extra space.

It really is simple things should be where it is the most convenient; for example, towel hooks near the shower. We also always need storage in our bathrooms. It’s important to take that into consideration when you are planning your bathroom, contemplate putting storage higher up for items that aren’t for daily use.

It’s often not until you are using your bathroom that the importance of functionality is apparent. Designers have degrees, accreditation, awards and years of experience in design and delivering bathrooms that look and work beautifully.

In collaboration with your designer, planning your Bathroom well will ensure that you end up with your style, in your space, functioning the way you want it to.

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