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Choosing a Bathroom Colour Scheme

When creating a colour scheme for a bathroom, it can be tempting to stick to an all-white palette. But that’s not your only option. You can still have fun with colour and tone in the bathroom to create any look you like.

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Here are our top 4 tips to choosing your bathroom colour scheme:

Ask an Interior Designer

An interior designer is a colour pro. An expert. Someone who understands complementary and contradictory colours, light, space and other crucial design rules.

That’s why consulting an interior designer or decorator can be a very wise investment. They will take the time to understand what theme or mood you want to display and propose the tricks and tools to create it – whatever your budget.

You can then go ahead and put the plan into place yourself, or have the designer help you consult a painter and the other tradies needed to bring your design dreams to life.

Use the Rule of Three

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There are a billion colours to choose from – for any space in your home. But in the bathroom, it’s best to stick to the rule of three. This means one neutral, one solid colour, and one accent hue.

Once you’ve chosen the three colours, adhere to the 70/20/10 principle. The lightest shade should be used for 70% of the colour scheme, the next lightest for 20% of the space and the darker shade for 10%.

Don’t want to use three colours? That’s OK. Just stick to two – with the lighter shade being prominent in 70% of the room, and the bolder hue for 30% of the room.

Set a Mood

Certain colours and combinations inspire particular moods or feelings. Orange is energising, while blue is cooling.

Just don’t go overboard. If you want to add vibrancy, choose orange tiles or accessories, rather than slapping tangerine throughout the entire bathroom. Always remember tip 3 – stick to the rule of three to keep the balance right.

Stay in the Dark


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When we think bathroom, we often think bright, light and white. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Some stunning bathrooms feature dramatic dark tones – think charcoal, navy or even black.

You can also go bold without going dark. Think cocoa, mocha or mushroom. And because it’s the bathroom, you don’t need to worry about shrinking the space: with so many mirrors and lights, you can make the bathroom appear as big as you like.

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