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Choosing Bathroom Taps

They may seem like a small part of your bathroom but the taps not only help to provide a finished look, they are also very important from a utility point of view.  The wrong choice of taps can end up being a huge inconvenience. Read on for our advice on choosing bathroom taps.

How to Choose Bathroom Taps

Taps come in a huge range of styles from traditional to contemporary.  You can pair the traditional, timeless bathroom suite with modern taps for an interesting twist on style.  Alternatively, you could choose taps that follow the shapes and angles in your bathroom.  Even though bathroom taps are often thought of as being a “finishing touch”, they have a huge influence on the look of the bathroom as a whole.  If you are on a budget, a cheaper suite with expensive looking taps will make the bathroom look more sophisticated as a whole.  Budget taps are often a great investment but take care that they don’t bring down the whole look of the bathroom.  Taps are generally available in chrome, porcelain, or stainless steel; however they are some specialist taps that are available in different finishes.  You are sure to find a tap that suits the colour scheme and décor of your bathroom.

While it is important to choose taps according to their function and ease of use, you also want to complement the ceramic aspects of your bathroom.  Cupboards, sinks, and baths that are very angular in design will not look good with highly curved taps.  A lever tap with a square or straight based spout will look particularly good in an angular bathroom.  More rounded basins, bathtubs and so forth will look great with taps that come with curved spouts or rounded handles.  When buying your taps, you need to think about everything in the bathroom – the sink, bathtub, shower, cupboards, towel rails, etc.  Think of your taps as the element that ties everything together.

Finally, think about how the taps will be mounted as not all taps are mounted directly into the sink or bath.  Are they mounted onto your sink or bath, mounted in the wall, or mounted behind the sink into the bathroom vanity itself?  Where they are mounted will have a huge effect on what you can choose, both in terms of size and style.

 Types of Bathroom Taps

There are different types of taps, depending on your needs.  These include:

• Lever taps – these are very easy to use and are also a hygienic option.  They are available in rounded, square and straight bases.  Single lever taps control both hot and cold water – the direction that the lever is pointed determines the temperature of the water.  Double lever taps have separate levers for hot and cold water.
• Mixer taps – these are also known as monobloc taps.  They combine the hot and cold water into one tap.  You can have one handle to control both the flow or the temperature or two separate handles but the water will come out of one single tap.
• Screw down taps – these are the traditional taps that we are all used to. They consist of two taps (one each for hot and cold) that screw up or down when turned on or off.
• Cross tapware – the modern version of screw down taps, and they are shaped in a cross.


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