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5 Simple Steps to think about before you Renovate your Bathroom

5 Simple Steps to think about before you Renovate your Bathroom

Renovating your Bathroom should be a fun exciting time – exploring different design options, choosing materials and creating a space that you love to be in everyday but we hear lots of horror stories of projects taking a turn for the worst and creating unwanted stress during the process.

Here are 5 Top Steps to make sure your experience is a good one!


I couldn’t stress this enough! Being a Designer in the industry for nearly 10 years I have heard of some pretty scary situations that have caused lots of headaches for clients.

Getting a Designer on board that specialises in Bathroom Design is a MUST! Not only do we have expert advice but we can guide you with the whole journey from start to finish and make it a real fun one!

From Design layouts to chasing the right finish of tiles we will have all your Bathroom concerns covered and the best part is the visit when it is complete!



When engaging builders to renovate it is very important that you ask yourself what type of builder do I need for my project?

There are companies that will do all the building work from start to finish and include all trades and project management. There are builders that only do some of the work and you have to organise some of your own trades. Another option is organising the trades yourself and project managing it all yourself.

Taking the renovation on yourself to organise while working full time I would not recommend. The phone calls you need to take and make, organising of trades etc can put an huge amount of stress on the you.

I highly recommend to get the professionals in and that they are registered builders – a builder that supplies all warranties, certificates and gives you your build warranty is what you want for peace of mind.




There are so many options available these days. Its important to do your research and this is the perfect time where your Designer can really assist with the decisions.

I generally always start clients off with a Medium Range. I believe cheap and nasty will come back to haunt you and going high end Range is something we can work towards depending on budget strains and desires.

Making sure there are good warranties on all products are essential.

Before you conquer the fitting selections I recommend that you go online or buy some magazines and have bit of fun and save a couple of images that you like so you have a starting point to work with when deciding.



There is no point to a Bathroom Renovation – if there is no waterproofing! SO IMPORTANT!

I recommend that you get a professional in to do it – there are owner builder kits available but if you haven’t done it the correct way – you will be in trouble – especially if after the renovation is finished there is leaking issues.

Depending who the builder is that does the job for you – they should have the waterproofing included.

The professionals will give you a certificate for waterproofing that should be between 7-10 years.



A budget blowout can occur in renovating and it is very easy to! It is important to do your research and explore the costs of renovating. Bathrooms are expensive – on average a medium size bathroom with all fixtures and fittings and the build works will roughly start at $20-25,000+

Taking the project on yourself will bring the price down but like I mentioned before the stress levels compared to the price – is not worth all the headaches.

Get 1-2 quotes to compare – make sure you are comparing ‘apples for apples” – it is very easy that there could be a major price difference if your getting a quote from a builder that offers everything vs a builder who doesn’t project manage or does most of the work himself.

By Teresa Kleeman – Embracing Space


Embracing Space is an Interior Design Service based in Melbourne,Australia. Teresa Kleeman is an Award winning Interior Designer who specialises in Bathroom & Kitchen Design.

Teresa has been in the industry for nearly 10 years and as won multiply awards for her excellent designs.

She recently WON “Bathroom Designer of the Year VIC” at the Kitchen Bathroom Designer Awards 2016.

If you have any future projects that you would like to engage with her, she would love to hear from you!


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