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How to style concrete in your bathroom

How to style concrete in your bathroom

IS your bathroom due for a makeover? Are you thinking about a new basin, or a new bath? Maybe you’re having trouble with textures or colours? Well, Concrete Nation has got your bathroom queries covered with their customisable range of concrete designs.

Incorporating concrete in your home can be tricky, but follow these tips and you will end up with an effortless space that is truly unique.

So, how can you integrate concrete in your bathroom?

Concrete Vanity

A soft concrete vanity will make your bathroom feel warm and inviting; with cool grey hues against timber tones, or white walls, your dream bathroom will be complete.


Concrete Bath

Yes, baths can be made out of concrete!  A luxurious concrete bath will provide your bathroom with a simple elegance, whilst also delivering the utmost comfort.   If you are after a statement piece in your bathroom, then a concrete bath is the perfect piece to do it.

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Concrete Basin

Want a touch of concrete without committing to an entire vanity or bath? Then a concrete basin is perfect for you.  A concrete basin will add character and completely transform your bathroom. Picture the smooth concrete on timber against a white wall to achieve a contemporary industrial look.

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Not only does Concrete Nation offer these concrete gems, they can custom make their products to suit your home. Concrete Nation is able to customise colours, shapes and finishes to suit any style. It’s also one of the only companies within Australia that can make beautiful freestanding (concrete) baths!

Concrete Nation aspires to inspire, so get in touch and get on your way to design and create your perfect bathroom. For enquiries contact info@concretenation.com.au


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